LogiCheck – Logistic positioning check system












Monitoring and control with just one camera system

The LogiCheck is the logistic control system for zone monitoring designed to avoid products loss during forklift work process. Where conventional technical image recognition solutions come upagainst their limits, the LogiCheck opens new possibilities for monitoring and guarding important points.
V5 Group has developing superior accurate and simple to use solutions for clients and making special changes for each order project.
The system is using live video coming from security cameras system enables accurately and fast monitoring of objects positioning place with forklift in correct position that was defined by client It combines intelligent image recognition technology with effective control. Innovative 2D technology and the user-friendly software enable complex applications to be monitored and controlled with just one system!
The LogiCheck system detects and
reports to forklift driver and logistic operator that
product entered detection zones,
which can be freely visually defined on system monitors online.
LogiCheck determines whether pallet or products on pallet are present within the action radius of the hazardous movement or have accessed a zone with an increased alert level (wrong positioning).

LogiCheck system versatile to use in industry :

  • Automotive industry
  • Airports
  • Packaging technology
  • Packaging technology

LogiCheck brochure