YOKNEAM ILIT, ISRAEL,  22 February 2018

Yokneam Ilit, Israel, 22 February 2018 – V5 Group (www.v5-group.com) is introducing VL18 Series – Compact, Robust, and Powerful photoelectric sensors series for wide and diverse deployments for automation tasks.


VL18 Series include the below sensor types:

  • Defuse
  • Retro-reflective
  • Retro-reflective with polarized optics filter
  • Trough-beam and miniature fiber optic

 These sensors include both light amplifier and light detector providing our customers complete solution for any type of application.

 The compact M18 sensors can be installed in both flush and non-flush installation mounting including in narrow areas. The sensors are available with either metal or plastic connector plug.

 The sensors’ calibration is achieved by a simple potentiometer. The switching state, that can be light or dark with the functional reserve, depending on the model, is indicated by highly visible LEDs.

For more information please contact:

Felix Sorokin


Mob. +972-53-2860901