YOQNEAM, ISRAEL, 27 August 2017

YOQNEAM, ISRAEL, 27 August 2017 – V5 Group (www.v5-group.com), an innovative startup providing solutions for quality and control of manufacturing lines based on machine vision algorithm, today announced it has been chosen by Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the leading manufactory of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, dermatological preparations, dermo-cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements, to deploy V5 Group’s solution for vision inspection of blister fill application.


V5 Group solution was chosen as a quality and control system for Vitamed blister manufacturing line inspection. The solution includes cameras and innovative application based on color recognition technologies that automatically alarms upon faults identification in the blister. V5 Group solution includes these automatic blister quality tests: presence of the pill or capsule, measurement deviations (height and width), color verification, shape control, foreign objects presence, powder spill detection and contamination presence.

The solution identifies a fault of the blister in the manufacturing line in real time, sends alarm to the command and control operator to drop the damaged blister without any manual operation and without pausing the manufacturing line. The solution also includes flexible reports module to view historical data (unlimited) and operator’s level management. This results in the optimization of the production process, increase in efficiency, quality improvement and cost savings.

Alexandr Dvorochkin, Vitamed Safety & Maintenance Manager, commented: “Vitamed was looking for advanced and reliable solution for the quality control of our blister manufacturing line. We chose V5 Group solution after considering a number of options. We were impressed by the innovative solution and the dedication the V5 Group team has shown. We believe V5 Group will be a great partner for the long term.”

Felix Sorokin, V5 Group CEO, commented: “We are excited to have been selected by the leading company as Vitamed as their automated quality control partner. We are committed to Vitamed’s success and manufacturing fault free products and hope to be able to expand our partnership.”

About V5 Group:

V5 Group is an innovative startup in Israel offering a solution for automated quality and control for manufacturing lines based on advanced color recognition algorithm. The solution includes an application that can detect faults in the products at the manufacturing lines in real time without manual intervention and without production lines shut down. The solution is multi user, multi-server and multi-client and can be connected to different camera types. Utilizing the latest industry standards, V5 Group offers robust detection solutions that combine reliability with low cost and flexible installation options.


About Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.:

Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries (part of the Rekah Pharmaceutical Industry Group –  a public company traded in the Israel Stock Exchange) is engaged in the manufacture of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, dermatological preparations, dermo-cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements. The company manufactures 18 million units per year (on average) of approximately 280 different products, in a variety of production departments.

The manufacturing plants have GMP licenses in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.


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