YOKNEAM ILIT, ISRAEL,  5 February 2018

Yokneam Ilit, Israel, 5 February 2018 – V5 Group (www.v5-group.com) , an Innovative company offering a complete solution for automation quality and control based on advanced machine vision is proud to announce a new partnership for distribution across Israel.


Teguar is a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial and medical computer solutions. Teguar Computers are not a run of the mill consumer PCs which dominate mass markets. Teguar industrial and medical computers are specially designed to provide reliable performance in the most demanding environments/applications.

All of Teguar’s computers are built with industrial-grade components to ensure reliable 24/7 operation. Designed for continuous use in the toughest environments, their units routinely sport features like fanless cooling systems, IP/NEMA rated waterproof housings, and extended operating temperature ranges. The use of high-quality components results in a lower total cost of ownership and a faster return on your investment.

Teguar ongoing commitment to quality is evidenced by the status as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This certification, and the annual audits it requires, reinforce Teguar’s customer-centric approach and dedication to providing industry professionals with the best computers and service possible.

V5 Group has signed a partnership agreement to distribute Tequar high level and reliable computers to the Israeli market. V5 Group has a vast experience and expertise in providing innovative and best of its kind industrial equipment together with the software solutions based on machine vision and video analytics.

For more information please contact:

Felix Sorokin


Mob. +972-53-2860901