Ring light  product features  :

1. Ring lights can emit light from different angles and highlight three-dimensional information of an object.
2. he design of the light enclosure enlarges the area for heat transfer keeps the device cool and extents the life span of the light source.
3. Diffusers can be selected according to the different requirements of the application.


Ring light product line :


Series Model Output(Blue/Green/White) Output Red Drawing
RIX0 series 0°illumination V5-RI7000 24V/2.9W 24V/1.2W 2D
RIX30 series 30°illumination V5-RI7030 24V/2.9W 24V/1.5W 2D
RIX45 series 45°illumination V5-RI7045 24V/3.3W 24V/1.5W 2D


Application :

1. PCB, plastic container
2. Electronic components, OCR on integrated circuits
3. Microscope illumination, surface inspection
4. Calibration