Standardized interfaces facilitate the integration of individual machine vision components into an overall workable system. This reduces the amount of effort required and makes the machine vision solution efficient and inexpensive.

The efficiency of machine vision systems is rapidly increasing, thanks to higher-definition cameras, steadily increasing processor performance as well as multi-core processor technology, state-of-threat software and standardized interfaces. Ever more rapid inspection speeds and accuracies are thus, achieved at comparable costs.

In many applications, color recognition is a great advantage. For example, different models or components can be identified or sorted, and quality checks can be conducted based on color deviation technology of VENUS ESSENTIAL. The Color & Contrast deviation recognition has now become a standard routine for our quality control system.

In the past high-level machine vision experts were needed to implement machine vision solutions, today using our VNUS ESSENTIAL system many adaptations can be carried out without any great prior of knowledge, thanks to intuitive configuration
options and ergonomic software user interface.

Fast return of the investment for VENUS ESSENTIAL quality control system

VENUS ESSENTIAL is machine vision quality control systems identify defective components
at the earliest possible stage of production. These are immediately removed from the production process and are not processed any further, thereby preventing material wastage and lowering costs. Often, the isolated component can be fed back into the production process. In any event, defective modules or products are prevented from reaching subsequent stages of production and thus from generating unnecessary costs as a result.
Such costs are also avoided when machine vision systems are used cost-effectively to enable a 100 % inspection: customer complaints are avoided, as are product recalls, both of which would be very costly, not only in monetary terms but also in terms of longer-term harm to the brand image.

VENUS ESSENTIAL quality control machine vision systems not only identify defects, but it’s also avoided them. The electronic eyes of machine vision constantly monitor complex processes at all critical stages, identify changes in measured values and signal the need for countermeasures in good time so that manufacturing errors are ruled out. Control over complex production processes is increased, while the risk of costly down times is reduced. In assessing the cost-effectiveness of any investment, a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted covering its entire life cycle. When this is done, machine vision systems demonstrate the full extent of their cost savings potential. Minimal down times, stable processes and increased efficiency in the use of resources all pay off. Machine vision system have often paid for themselves after only a few months.


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