Machine Vision and Image Processing



e have developed an innovative and easy to deploy algorithm for machine vision and image processing. The complete offering includes 2D cameras and our own software solution that in Real Time can process the images and send command and control functions for manufacturing lines control system.

The software solution includes a universal algorithm based on color deviations. This algorithm can be used in different industries:

  • Quality inspection of the blisters in pharma industries.
  • Packaging process control in food industry.


The complete solution includes 3rd party cameras (no vendor lock) and our sw solution that processes the images coming from the cameras and alarms if there is a color deviation resulting at quality failures. The solution:

  • Performs advanced tests on the sw level and does not require expensive equipment
  • Open platform – able to integrate to 3rd party cameras through API / SDK.


We offer one management platform (multi user, multi-client) connected to several equipment types with software licensing mechanism.