Is an advanced solution for inline and manual blister pack inspection. This next generation system enables to test and control in real time the quality of the blisters.



he solution includes cameras and innovative application based on color recognition technologies that automatically alarms upon faults identification in the blister. ViShark-Pharma includes wide variety of test types to track the quality of the blisters. The system algorithms are developed to recognize wide range of product materials and their errors and to consequently eject them from the production process.

The diverse inspection requirements include: colored tablets, capsules of different consistency and content (solid or liquid), smooth and dull surfaces, syringes, and applicators. The automatic blister quality tests supported: presence of the pill or capsule, measurement deviations (height and width), color verification, shape control, foreign objects presence, powder spill detection and contamination presence.

The solution identifies a fault of the blister in the manufacturing line in real time, sends alarm to the command and control operator to drop the damaged blister without any manual operation and without pausing the manufacturing line. The solution also includes flexible reports module to view historical data (unlimited) and operator’s level management. This results in the optimization of the production process, increase in efficiency, quality improvement and cost savings.

This next generation industrial system combines simplicity, high speed processing and accuracy.