Turn your existing security camera into a fire detection system


The V5 Visual Fire Alarm System (VFAS) is the most reliable and technologically advanced video Fire & Smoke alarm detection system available.

Visual Fire Alarm System features (VFAS) :

  • The VFAS system can be installed on  your existing CCTV security system network.
  • VFAS system provides fast fire detection alert and its source position.
  • VFAS system is universal software solution that doesn’t require complicated integration with 3d party cameras’ protocols and connects between your existing fire alarm system and your existing security system.
  • Automatically detected fire alarm can be sent via email, sms message or relay output to operator’s station.
  • Allowing users full flexibility on setting up the areas for the protection with the required sensitivity levels
  • All alarm events are recorded to system SQL database configurable pre and post event video, allowing the operator to witness (and download) the event, including who or what created it

The V5 Visual Fire Alarm System (VFAS) is an advanced imbedded video software designed to operate over existing security systems or new color CCTV / Thermal cameras.

The VFAS is using unique advanced mathematical algorithm to determine the presence of smoke and fire behavior without limiting the number of cameras.

VFAS brochure